A Missing Couch Cushion Is Not A Disaster

There are times in life when you need to take a deep breath and realize disasters occur in your brain far more often than real life.  Today I am missing a couch cushion.  It’s not a travesty.  Wait a minute.  It is for me. When you sneak a peek inside my brain you’ll see me begin to panic.  We will triple our household in the next week. All kids are coming home. All hands on deck.


I want to be like those people on TV with linen closets all neat and organized.  I want to have hand towels and matching towels in each guest bedroom.  I want to have guest bedrooms instead of storage units.  I want. I want. I want.

Instead, I have mismatched blankets and clean pillowcases.  I have reclining chairs for beds. I have spots on my carpets and on ceilings (yes ceilings.)   I have a warm home that smells like paint because I “had to paint” the week everyone was arriving.

I also have Love. Love to wrap up any loose ends.  Love the craziness that comes with the preparation of having this house full of love!