The 5 Kindest Things Mom Taught Me

Grandma Betty lives with us. She has her own “Granny House” designed by her and attached to our laundry room. We’ve been living together for 16 years. (not including the 21 years of raising me!)

Grandma Betty is my mom.


Living with my mom for over half my lifetime is one reason I am who I am today. Here are the 5 kindest things she has taught me:

1). Purchase a rocker or swing.

To hold a child and rock them to sleep. To swing grandkids and neighborhood children back and forth while teaching them new songs to sing seals hearts with love forever.

2) Open your home.

Porches are made for relaxation and they need to be ready at all times for company. Stop what you are doing to “sit-a-spell” when there is a knock on the door.

3) Share family stories.

Take out the family pictures and tell their stories. Memorialize the stories by writing paragraphs on the back of each one -(not just month and date) for all to remember.

4) Thank those who help.

Show your gratitude in work and life every day. Grandma Betty is my executive female role model. She got there by thanking all those who helped her throughout her career. From the teachers, administrators, neighbors, assistants, CEOs, landscapers and on and on. She also taught me to be grateful to and for my husband and family every moment. They are priceless.

5) Sneak treats daily.

Sneaking treats to pets (and kids) may encourage more begging, yet it shows a surprise love. There is no better feeling than having someone surprise you with an unexpected kindness. Sneaking one or two for yourself bolsters the spirit!

Happy Mother’s Day Grandma Betty, Mom.


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