Monkey See, Monkey Do. If Marketing is so Easy a Monkey Could Do It.

The email started off like this:  

“Dear whoever designed your web site.  Are you a bunch of gorillas running the zoo over there?”


When we work day to day in the “zoo” (Literally I work in Kalamazoo) the day to day can sometimes get in the way.  Deadlines. Meetings. Phone Calls. Texts. Planning.   We all have the daily grind and that grind can come to a screeching halt when a customer beats their chest in dissatisfaction. 

The qImageuestion is – THEN what do you do?  You can do one of two things.

1) The customer is wrong.  I’m right. I’ll make sure the customer knows that.

2) The customer is spot on.  My pride needs to take a hit. I need to reach out to see how to ease my customer’s pain.

In the case of a web issue we have become a society of immediate response. Almost 50% of people now say they expect a response from an inquiry in 60 minutes. Over 50% expect the same response time during business hours as nights and weekends.*

When the “do you work in a zoo” email came into our system we had an alert set up so we could respond quickly.  Within 15 Minutes our social media coordinator learned the individual was having a difficult time signing up to online banking for the first time.   She sent educational tutorials and a step by step video on what you need and how to sign up quickly to online banking.

She did this at 9:10 PM EST. 

There isn’t anyone who wants to hear that a service or product you bring to the table isn’t receiving glowing remarks or high interest.  It’s what you DO learn from your customer frustrations and how you ease their pain that matters.  How can you take steps to ensure the frustrations stop with that one person.

Marketing is like a ripe banana.  It looks so pretty on the outside.  You must peel away the outside layers to see the ripe fruit of work going on that is based on research and planning.  If you strip away the peel to find a center unripe, your peel will fall on the floor and a customer just may step on it.  If she does, she may slip and fall, breaking a loyal relationship.  Or, she may email you at 9:00 PM at night calling you and your team a bunch of monkeys.

•Is your “peel” thick enough to stand the criticism?              

•Can you clean up the messes that you may not even know are there?

•Can you learn from those messes and then teach others the steps to not have to “clean-up” over and over again?  

If the answer to the above questions are yes, then I have your ticket for entry to the most fabulous zoo in the world.  It’s the zany zoo of marketing.  Step Right Up.





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