80 “DUH” Lessons I’ve Learned From My Father-In-Law! (Happy Birthday Dad!)

My Dad is 80 today.  Most people would correct me and say, “your Father-In-Law is 80 today” and they would be accurate.  But make no mistake about it, he’s my Dad too.

When you were raised with a family in a community like Rob and I (we’ve known each other since before Kindergarten in the Mayberryesque town of Grandville) then you know that both of us have two very loving Mom and Dad’s.  My own Dad died 18 years ago at the young age of 67.   It means a lot to be able to tell my Dad Johnson the 80 “Duh” lesson’s I’ve learned from him.  Each one is a memory and each one is a gift he’s given me.

80 “DUH” Lessons I’ve Learned From My Dad

1.    You can enter a jump rope contest at any age.
2.    Your smile is the best weapon you have.
3.    It is a good thing to marry up.
4.    Your work colleagues become your life colleagues. Treat them well.
5.    Don’t be afraid to start new adventures.
6.    You can have more kids than you can handle, and then some.
7.    Treat everyone with respect.
8.    Scratching the top of your head is a sign of extreme intelligence.
9.    Build a foundation of love.
10.    Have others strengthen your foundation or it will fall.
11.    Believe in your dreams.
12.    Get up and go to work every day.
13.    Quit complaining about getting up and going to work every day.
14.    Grinning is contagious.
15.    Your father knows more about “romance” than you think he does.
16.    You will be much happier if you just ignore the drama
17.    Eat the food people put in front of you.
18.    Raving fans are the only kind of fans.
19.    The fear of disappointing others is stronger than the fear of spiders.
20.    Bozo isn’t scary.
21.    Bowling with assistance devices should be a requirement for all those who bowl less than 3x a year.
22.    Dogs are man’s best friend.
23.    Dogs are mom’s best friend.
24.    Pulling people behind a boat is exhilarating.
25.    A penny is a lot of money when you have no money.
26.    A dime is even more money when you have no money.
27.    Sports brings families together.
28.    Sports can break bones.
29.    Trees can break more bones.
30.    Grandchildren are the best.
31.    Great Grandchildren are the GrandBest.
32.    To lose a grandchild through death is to have a broken heart, never to repair.
33.    Your family is the best duct tape on the market.
34.    Golf on Sunday is good for your soul.
35.    Golf on any day is good for your soul.
36.    Keep doors open, invite people in, it’s not a good feeling to be shut out.
37.    Sometimes you can’t make it to all of your kids events. You love them all the same.
38.    Big families bring big chaos and bigger blessings.
39.    Tempers are meant to be lost, in hopes of never finding them again.
40.    The person you share your life with deserves the real you.
41.    Your spouse is the only one who knows who you really are.
42.    Times change but ice cream at night never should.
43.    Go ahead, reach out your hand.
44.    Values never changing are invaluable.
45.    Baseball is the best.
46.    You can learn to watch Hockey.
47.    If your Grandkids attend the same school, or a school with Green and White in it and you cover all bases.
48.    Walking to get a morning newspaper should be a religion.
49.    You choose to be lazy.
50.    You should probably tell someone if you fall and hit your head.
51.    White T-shirts make the man.
52.    6 is an awesome number. 6th born had 6 grandkids.
53.    Not all successful business owners graduate from college.
54.    Setting goals for 9 kids in a family to graduate from college is attainable.
55.    Going to get ice cream twice because someone missed out is cool.
56.    Buying cars is fun to do.
57.    Starting in a business then owning it is possible.
58.    Dads are priceless.
59.    Sit still in church.
60.    Go to church.
61.    Listen to your Mother.
62.    The best Johnson stories are not for print.
63.    Neighbors keep your secrets at home.
64.    Never purchase an above ground pool.
65.    Holding tiny babies is a gift.
66.    Holding memories is a joy.
67.    White socks in brown shoes can look good on some people.
68.    Always know who to pick for your Euchre partner.
69.    You can learn new technology if ask for help.
70.    You can learn new technology if you ask for help again.
71.    You don’t need to worry about learning new technology.
72.    It’s cool to name your GPS system.
73.    It’s cool to disown your named GPS system.
74.    Your best friends deserve time to prepare for tee time.
75.    Life is like sports. Sometimes Winning is important – most of the time it isn’t.
76.    Stocks are like sports. The stats may change but the W/L record does not.
77.    A remote control should come with three buttons:  On, Off, & Change Channel.
78.  You can figure out the satellite system if you bug the operators enough.
79.  Maize and  Blue can be cheered on if your Grandson is on a team.
80.  In laws are much better than outlaws. (But outlaws can be fun)